The unique cremation ceremony of Bali

The last ceremony that should be done by Balinese Hindus in the human circle is the Ngaben ceremony. Ngaben ceremony is a cremation ritual to burn the deceased body to set it free from worldly ties and send it to the next life. Not only Ngaben, but Bali also has 3 names for this cremation ceremony. There are, Ngaben, Plebon, and Pretiwaan. Ngaben is a cremation ceremony for ordinary people, Plebon is for the royal family and Pretiwaan for the highest priest.

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Best spots for snorkeling in Bali

There are so many activities you can do while you traveling in Bali. One of them is snorkeling. but not all beach or sea is good for snorkeling, here we give you list the best spot for snorkling in Bali!

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida Island