Bali Lost Adventure gives you a nice non-exhaustive list of events taking place in Bali in 2020. Bali has many temples and diverse traditions happening every day. You will surely have the chance to observe during your stay our rituals or cultural events. This list is just a glimpse of everything happening in Bali.

WHAT IS AN ODALAN / PIODALAN? Bali is known as an island with tens of thousands of temples so it is easy to find a temple ceremony anywhere and anytime. One of these ceremonies is called Odalan which is a celebration of the day the temple was built and varies for each temple. The Odalan date is calculated according to the Pawukon calendar (every 210 days). Bali has many temples, so it’s no wonder you find this kind of Odalan ceremony during your visit to Bali. Some Odalan ceremonies are short and last only 1 to 3 days, while others can last up to a month. Once the main religious ceremony is over the Odalan becomes more of a social occasion with dances, gamelans, puppets, etc. In the following list, you will find some Odalan dates of the main temples in Bali.

TO KNOW That during new moons and during full moons, the Balinese go to the temple. On a new moon we pray to the sun god, it is believed to be a special day to purify and remove the impurities that are in every human being while on a full moon we pray to the god of the moon for he gives us for the occasion its blessing and its magic also by offering its light thus reminding us of our own inner light. Full moon days are auspicious days when, for example, many Odalans (temples birthdays) take place, etc. It’s also considered a good day to plant, giving you plenty of chances for good harvests to come.

Tumpek Uduh

25 January & 22 August 2020

Tumpek Uduh is the day devoted to Sanghyang Sangkara, the keeper of plants and tree life. Tumpek Uduh held 25 days before Galungan. This day Balinese will give some offerings to plant, they hope that The God of Sangkara keeps the plants and trees alive and fertile, avoiding them from everything that can damage them. This day Hindu Balinese wish the rain comes for the plants, they hope that the rain will bring the plants and trees prosperity.


19 February & 16 September 2020

Photo by Ruben Hutabarat on Unsplash

For Balinese, Galungan is the most important day. According to the history, Galungan is about the victory dharma over Adharma, or we can say Balinese celebrating the victory good over the evil. This celebration also gives honor to the creation of the universe Ida Sang Hyang Widi. Galungan is held twice a year according to the Balinese calendar, and always on Wednesday. Balinese believe this day the ancestor will visit the earth and celebrating Galungan together.


29 February & 26 September 2020

Picture by Mufid Majnun on Pixabay

One of the holiest days on the small tropical island. This day is the tenth days of Galungan, Balinese called it Kuningan. Kuningan derives from the word ‘Kuning’ that means Yellow in English, which represented yellowed rice. On this day, Balinese made special offerings with yellowed rice for the ancestor farewell on the last day of Galungan. On this day Balinese believe that the ancestor returns to their realm after visiting earth for celebrating Galungan. The offerings with yellow riced have a symbol of humanity’s gratitude to the Gods for all life, happiness, wealth, health and prosperity he gave. And also, they decorated the offerings with small shadow puppets that represented the angel who gave the joy and wealth to the earth.

Mekotekan Ritual

29 February & 26 September 2020

If Kuningan is the part of Galungan Ceremony, the Mekotekan ritual is part of Kuningan. It celebrates to battle the devil spirit in Munggu village. The ritual aims at purifying the locals and the village. The ritual started at 2 pm and throughout the afternoon. You may watch this ritual, but you can’t participate in considered disrespectful Balinese people.

Tanah Lot Piodalan

4 March & 30 September 2020

Tanah Lot is the one famous place in Bali cause it is an important landmark in Bali. Tanah Lot Piodalan can be the meaning anniversary of Tanah Lot temple. Piodalan is a ceremony to give honor to the creation of the universe Ida Sang Hyang Widi. In this day you will see many Balinese comes to Tanah lot with traditional outfit bring many offerings.

Melasti Purification Ceremony

22 March 2020

Picture by Vytalis Arnoldus from Pixabay

Melasti ceremony is a purification ritual before the silent day of Bali (Nyepi). They held this ritual in the sea. This ritual has an aim to erase all the bad things and bad karma from human and then they throw it to the ocean. Balinese Hindu believes that the sea or ocean is considered as the source of life. Melasti ceremony not only for human purification, but it also purifies the sacred thing from the temple too.

Ogoh – Ogoh Parade

24 March 2020

Picture by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

One day before the Balinese celebrate Nyepi, they celebrate Ngrupuk Parade, or Balinese also called it Ogoh – Ogoh. Ogoh Ogoh is a giant puppets festival made in form of Bhuta Kala the evil spirit, Bhuta Kala is a creature who likes to disturb human life. This festival/parade is huge in around Bali because almost every Banjar (small communities in the village) celebrate it.


25 March 2020

Nyepi is the day of silence in Bali. Everyone who stayed in Bali should be at home all day. This day represented the Saka new years too. For Balinese Hindu, this day they use to fasting and doing meditation. Nyepi has signification to keep the balance of nature.

Omed Omedan

26 March 2020

The kissing festival in Bali. It’s quite interesting, is it? A crowd of single guys and girls around 17 – 30 years old kissing in the street. Omed Omedan taking a place after the day of Saka new year or Nyepi day. During the kissing, there is somebody else who will pour water on them. The pouring water is quite important, it believed that will cool the heat and tension down between the kissers. This ritual helps many people to start dating, you want to try?

Tumpek Krulut

4 Avril & 31 October 2020

Another day of Tumpek. We could call it Balinese Valentine day. But, not like a valentine that we always celebrate. This day Balinese will bless the Gamelan (traditional musical instrument). Why? because the Balinese think that human life is like Gamelan in a stage. We have our roles to complete each other. But, Tumpek Krulut is not only for Gamelan but also for all music instruments.

Tumpek Kandang

9 Mai & 5 December 2020

Tumpek Kandang ceremony is dedicated to the animal, livestock, and pets. Kandang is a cage in English. But, this ritual not a worship ritual, Balinese consider animal is a friend that created by God as a living creature. Tumpek Kandang has a deeper meaning to remind people to keep in touch with nature.

Tumpek Wayang

13 June 2020

Tumpek wayang is the one part of the series of Tumpek days. Tumpek wayang also known by ‘the day of arts’. This day Balinese dedicated their blessing towards to traditional tools like Gong, Puppet shadow (wayang) etc

Saraswati Day

4 July 2020

Photo by Bali Reve

Saraswati day is also known by ‘the day of knowledge’. Balinese believe that knowledge is given by God through the beautiful Goddess named Saraswati. This day Balinese will make some offering at home, office temple and school. Sometimes they make some offering to for their book, cause books are the source of knowledge.


8 July 2020

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Pagerwesi has a meaning the strongest shield. In English Pager means fence and Wesi mean iron. This day Balinese focuses on building a strong mind to ensure the devil to not enter their mind. In some regions in Bali this ceremony considered to be really important days, which is they celebrate it mostly like Galungan, including erected Penjor.

Tumpek Landep

18 July 2020

Again, the part of the Tumpek days in Bali. Tumpek Landep is the day for the metal blessing ceremony.  This day is especially for the cleaning and purification of ancestral objects such as keris, spears. etc. With the modernity, the sense of celebration Tumpek Landep has derived from its origin. They not only blessing the sharp things but everything made of metal like scooters cars, etc.

Indonesia Independence day

17 August 2020

Entering the month of august you will probably notice red and white displayed especially in the street. This day Indonesian people celebrating Independence day with doing flag ceremonies in school and office. After the flag ceremony, mostly they held informal celebrations like carnival or parade and then continue with games in a village.  The carnival and parade, you will see the are mobilizing hundreds of performances and thousands of viewers in the street. And also, you will watch kindergarten decorated their bikes, marching band and costume party with traditional themes.

Bali Kite Festival

July – October

Picture by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Bali kite festival is an annual international kite festival held in July in Padang Galak area, Sanur beach. This festival will be held between July and August or sometime through October, and you will see hundreds of competing kite troupes gather around to pilot their traditional kites. This festival is very unique, every year it has a thousand visitors watch it. In the daily life of Balinese, the kite is the most favorite thing to do by the children around the rice field, According to Hinduism the meaning of flying kite is dedicated to Rare Anggon. Rare Anggon is a Hindu’s protector God of rice fields in Bali from the dangers of plant hopper and bird pests.


Bali is a little island also known as the Land of the Gods. Bali has a compilation of great things to discover from arts, beaches, cultures that not-to-be-missed while you visiting this magical island.

Here we explain about this mysterious, exotic and culturally rich of Bali from A to Z!!


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Art in Bali is Bali itself. This magical island rich with it’s cultural and spiritual into the arts. Whenever you go, you’ll find adorable painting along the road, fascinating sculptures made by the Balinais. Balinese artisans will add a magical feeling while you visit this island.


Photo by Bali Lost Adventure

One of the many ways to enjoy Bali. Especially while you go to the countryside, you can enjoy nature and save it at the same time by not using the machine to keep the air clean. Riding a bicycle in the morning or afternoon in the ricefield will make a beautiful memory in Bali, and also enjoy Bali in a different way.


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I bet you always see many Balinese using traditional outfits and bring the offering in their hands, or you may see many offerings at the edge of the road, or maybe you can’t enter the temple without a sarong? Yes, that’s the Balinese culture that should be respected. This culture was born because more than half the population in Bali is Hindu-Buddist mixed with Balinese custom. That’s way Bali has a unique culture.


Photo by Jim Teo on Unsplash

This stinky fruit is also one of the exotic and tropical fruits in Bali. Octobre is its season, you can try this King of Fruit. Many people like it, but many people can’t eat it because of its scent. If you are the kind person who doesn’t like the strong scent, maybe you can try Durian with another way, like pancake Durian or Ice Cream Durian.


Photo by Celina Schou on Pixabay

Try Balinese food from Babi Guling (Suckling pig) to Lawar (mix vegetable with coconut at meat). Bali is a paradise of ‘warungs’ local restaurant with a cheap price and good taste of food. The Bali cuisine offers you many flavors, you should taste it!


Photo by Markus Naujoks onPixabay

Frangipani or Balinese called it ‘Bunga Jepun’ or javanais called it ‘bunga kamboja’. Frangipani is from Central America. In Java, generally, frangipani is planted in graves. This makes frangipani have a scary and frightening impression. However, in Bali frangipani are a favorite flower for offerings. Nearly all Balinese make frangipani flowers their identity as Balinese


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The highly popular for diving, yes, this little island is a paradise for the divers. Gili means ‘little island’ but this little island has 3 islands, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air. They are an amazing island with exotic marine species under the water. Some people even called it ‘Maldives of Southeast Asia’ so you know why it shouldn’t be missed isn’t it?


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People called Bali ‘The Land of God’ is with the reason. Living in Bali is about finding balance, finding harmony, finding peace and Hindu relate to that. Hindu is the majority religion in Bali. It sticks with Balinese daily life and its culture. There are so many ceremonies that you could find. This thing makes the tourist interested to visit Bali.


Photo by Guillaume Flandre via Unsplash

If you traveling around Bali, you may see small palm leaf-basket box with a combination of colorful flower  (and at some point accidentally step on), that is Bali’s offerings. These offerings called Canang Sari. Canang means a palm basket of flower and sari means the essence. In most Hindu temples, houses, the street, you will see the new offering every day with a fresh flower, money coin, or a little snack inside the palm basket, and a burning incense stick is placed on the top of the offerings.


Photo by Mayur Mutha on Unsplash

Jimbaran located in south Bali near Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Airport. It is well known for its seafood restaurant. Jimbaran itself is a fishing village, a diner in the edge op the beach is a very recommended activity here. Besides that, Jimbaran is a surf spot for the surfer hunter. Jimbaran is full of luxury resorts and this location hiding gem of beaches.


Photo by Dewa on Bali Reve

Famous black sandy beach located in Klungkung, about 7 kilometers from Semarapura city. Across this beach, you can see the Nusa Penida island. Kusamba beach may not the beautiful beach you ever see in Bali, but there a lot of activities of fishermen that you can discover here. Twice a week they send rice, legume, fruit, and other materials to Nusa Penida. Besides that, near this beach, there is Kusamba village. The village earned its reputation as a traditional fishing village and natural salt production in Bali.


Picture by Albert Dezetter from Pixabay

Bali hidden a beautiful lake in the north. The famous and the largest one is Batur lake. It has 4 x 2 km in size and 70 meters max depth. The other cool lake is Buyan and Tamblingan. Balinese usually called it twin lake because it located side by side. Another famous lake is Bratan Lake. According to Balinese mythology, it is considered one of the holiest lakes in Bali. Here you will find 4 complexes of the temple that looks like floating in this lake.


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In Bali, there are a lot of places you can see monkeys in their natural habitat. You will find monkeys with species: the Longtail macaque and Indonesian called them ‘Monyet’. In general, the monkeys are so friendly, but you still have to pay attention because sometimes they can grab your stuff. If you are an animal lover, here are the places to see the monkeys: click it


Photo by Agrina Viky

Nusa Lembongan is the little island of Bali. If you think that Bali so crowed you can escape this little island. it will amaze you!!
Because this island is quite small, a single-day cruise is usually enough to experience one island, you’ll require an overnight stay to be able to fit it all into your itinerary. If you want to know the best place to visit Nusa Lembongan. Just click here


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The lead up to Nyepi sees a whole series of events occur. You will see every Banjar (village communities) prepare to make a giant monster statue for Ngrupuk parade or it also is known as Ogoh-Ogoh. Ogoh-Ogoh represents a bad spirit that will be guided to leave the island of God. During the night they will parade it. After the parade ended, Ogoh ogoh must be burned as a return to god


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Pura means a temple in English. you can find a thousand temples in Bali. It is the reason why Bali called the island of God. The famous one is the Tanah Lot temple. It becomes Bali’s landmark and the best place to see the sunset. Some temples in Bali has an interesting location. for example, Tanah lot look like floating at the sea, and Uluwatu temple located in a top of the cliff. If you visit Bali just try to discover the temple, at least the famous ones.


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Quitting Bali will be hard sometimes. Because I believe you don’t want your holiday end. But still, we hope you come back 🙂


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Not only the beach, not only the lake, but you can also find the best nature hat Bali offers you. Bali rice fields can found almost everywhere. The famous one is Tegalalang and Jatiluwih. Among a lot of rice fields in Bali, Jatiluwih is one of UNESCO’s world heritage. It because of the Subak system (Balinese irrigation system) and Bali’s outstanding picturesque Rice fields.


Sometimes, before traveling we trying to learn the language of the country we will be visited. Also, maybe you know what Thank you mean in Bahasa, but I wonder, do you know what thank you in Bali language? yes! Suksma. Try using it while you in Bali, you will make the Balinese happy by hearing it 🙂


Photo by Agrina

That correct, Bali majority is Hindu. Only in Bali, you can free eating pork, not like the other region of Indonesia. However Balinese is really tolerant of the other religion or other tribes.


Photo by Geio Tischler on unsplash

Ubud is Bali cultural heart. If you visiting Bali don’t miss it. Ubud is the place you can find the Arts of Bali. Its nature very magnificent. Maybe you can’t find a beach here, but you still can find the best rice fields, best waterfall, best nature, and the best art ever in Bali.


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Like the other region of Indonesia, Bali has one volcano that very sacred for Balinese. It called Mount Agung. Mount Agung situated in Northeast Bali. Do you want to discover it?


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Bali hidden waterfall to inside its tiny island. Sometimes you have to walk through to the jungle to find it. With the waterfall, you will find the real of Bali. If you are interested in waterfall, just click here


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There is an interesting event in Bali. It called Omed omed an. Omed-omed an is kissing festival in Bali. It’s quite interesting, is it? A crowd of single guys and girls around 17 – 30 years old kissing in the street. Omed omedan taking a place after the day of Saka new year or Nyepi day. During the kissing, there is somebody else will pour water on them. The pouring water is quite important, it believed that will cool the heat and tension down between the kissers. This ritual helps many people to start dating, you want to try?


Yeh Sanih is a natural spring located in Sanih village. It has a fantastic view of the black-sand beach in Northern Bali.


Photo by Ern Gan on Unsplash

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like a crowded place, there are some places you should avoid while visiting Bali. There are, Kuta, Seminyak Legian. Those place are very crowded full off club cafe et etc. Trying to uncovering the hidden gems of Bali, with Bali Lost Adventure.

Best spots for snorkeling in Bali

There are so many activities you can do while you traveling in Bali. One of them is snorkeling. but not all beach or sea is good for snorkeling, here we give you list the best spot for snorkling in Bali!

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida Island