One of the holiest days on the small tropical island. This day is the tenth days of Galungan, Balinese called it Kuningan.
Kuningan derives from the word ‘kuning’ that means Yellow in English, which represented yellowed rice. On this day, Balinese made special offerings with yellowed rice for the ancestor farewell on the last day of Galungan. On this day Balinese believe that the ancestor returns to their realm after visiting earth for celebrating Galungan.
The offerings with yellow riced have a symbol of humanity’s gratitude to the Gods for all life, happiness, wealth, health, and prosperity he gave. And also, they decorated the offerings with small shadow puppets that represented the angel who gave the joy and wealth to the earth.
Again, this day you may see Tamiang and Endongan hanging outside Balinese home and temple.
Tamiang is formed as a round, Tamiang means shield and has signification as protection. Tamiang reminds Balinese of the importance of the law of nature. It has a function as a reminder to humans about Karma, they should protect themselves from bad behavior to avoid Karma.
Endongan made from coconut leaves and shaped like a bag or pocket. Balinese put different things like seeds, fruits inside it. It symbolizes supplies. Balinese believe that the most important supply is knowledge and devotion.
Mostly, the Balinese celebrate Kuningan only with family at home, because there is no obligatory to pray in all of the temples in their village.
If you visited Bali when Kuningan, you will find Barong or ngelawang,  Barong and ngelawang are like lion creature, they will walk around the village followed by kids playing traditional music of Balinese, they will pass house per house, and people from the house will give offerings called canang with sesari (money) on it, after that, they will bless the house and the owner of the house and all his family.
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