Your Questions

  • Bicycling Tour: Absolutely everyone! Infants and children are welcomed because our bicycling tour is family friendly. Our trail is 80 % downhill so you don’t need to pedal much. If at any time your legs are feeling tired just go in our support vehicle for rest. Our cycling trip is not about racing it’s about discovering and living the moment.
  • Trekking: Don’t think because it’s a trekking that children cannot join the adventure. This trekking is easy so it won’t be a problem for your little ones to take part in this experience.
  • Motorcycling Tour: Infants, children and people under 18 years old are not allowed for this tour. Also we advise you to not do this tour if you have never driven a motorcycle before, it’s for your own security.
Maximum 7 persons per group (except trekking max: 10 persons). If you are a family or group of friends bigger than 7 persons you will have a private tour only for your group. Just send us an e mail for we can discuss about it.
If you have booked a tour with us and it’s raining that day of course you can cancel with no obligation, please just inform us. But it would be a shame to miss a discovery day with us. What would you do staying at your hotel? Sitting in your room, watch the rain and get bored? Sometimes you have to get of your comfort zone, especially when you are travelling, so join us for a memorable adventure. We provide rain gear for you so you won’t lose the fun of that day!
In our finish point it only includes drinking water and set menu (except the sunset bicycle tour which only includes 1 drink as beer, fruit juice, young coconut at the finish point, no meal). All other beverages are at guests own expenses, same if you want to order something else from our set menu it will be at your cost.
We only accept cash and Indonesian rupiah because we don’t have a credit card device.