The best natural water sources in Bali

One of the many thing that you can find in Bali, Yups.. The Natural Water Source

Here is the list, we give you the best!

Tirta Empul

Interesting place to purifying with ritual bathing. Pura Tirta Empul is an active temple built around a spring water. Balinese believe that the holy water can purify people. Before entering the temple area, one has to wear a sarong which can be loan for a any amount of donation towards the temple.

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Banjar Hot Spring

Banjar hot spring located in north Bali, where you can erase your tired by soaking here. In this water source there is 3 pools, the first is the 1 meters deep and warmest, the second is quite warm with 1 – 2 meters deep and the last has a high pancoran that perfect to massage with warm water.

Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

Located in east of Bali, one of the holiest place in Gianyar, Bali. It’s magical nearly mystic, because it’s a quest through the jungle on a holy mountain. The sounds od the spring water flows is very comfortable. you will feel time pass peacefully when you are here.

Angseri Hot Spring

A long path for reach it. But don’t have hig expectation while coming to this water source, there is no a super fancy place, but you will find a real hot spring in very natural and modest place. if you love nature, you will loved it!

Batur Hot Spring

Batur hot spring located in Pekraman Batur village, Toya Bungkah, Kintamani, Bali. Enjoy Batr hot spring after watch the Mount Batur sunrise. This place quite far from Denpasar, but it will not disappointing you because the sightseeing is very wonderful with the Mount Batur as the backdrop.

Tegalwangi beach

This is my favorite place in Bali. Tegal Wangi beach in Jimbaran. when the low tide comes, you will see so many natural pool beside the beach, you cant swiming on it but chills in this natural pool while admiring the sunset it perfect combination. There is no entrance fee, and not so crowded, and one more, this place quite instagramable.

Sambangan Secret Garden

Its located 3 hours driving from Bali’s Airport, Ngurah Rai, and 15 minutes driving from Singaraja. situated in Village sambangan. Sambangan secret garden will offers you untouched nature from north Bali. here you will enjoy wildlife scenery and so many varieties of topography that you never know before. For you who loved cliff jumping this place will comfort you, cause it has 5 until 10 meter cliff for jumping

Tirtagangga Water Palace

Tirtagangga is Bali Water Palace, located in Karangasem regency. If you want to spend some tranquil time with family or your spouse this is the place to head over. But in weekends it will a bit crowded because this place favorite lace when people going to Karangasem. Here, there is a huge park like at the top of the water palace. you can just stroll around and enjoy the moments with your partner.

Yeh Sanih

The natural water source in the north part of Bali.  Yeh Sanih spring water situated in Sanih village, 17km in east of Singaraja city. it is so strategic because located beside the main road Karangasem – Singaraja. The waters naturally comes out from the ground, and this place is favorite place to visit by the local tourist.

The Most Instagramable Place In Bali

The most instagramable place in Bali? off course Bali has it !! The island of the God, Bali is a tropical island that gives so many things and place to discover, it isn’t just pretty when you see it with your own eyes, but it is pretty in pictures too. I bet you will never walk around Bali with leave your camera at your hotel, please don’t, or you actually go to Bali to collect amazing photo from here. Bali has the endless collections of seascapes, landscapes, colorful cafes, and unique boutiques, this photogenic paradise will make you want to whip out your phone and snap a picture quicker than you can say the word ‘Bali. Immerse yourself in the local Balinese culture and explore these Instagram-worthy sights – the road to an aesthetic feed has just begun.

Here the most Instagram-able place in Bali that you must visit to complete your journey with amazing photo

1. Lempuyang Temple

Ancient mountain temple in the east of Bali, or sometimes they called this temple ‘the Gate of Heaven’. It is the oldest and highly visits temple by the tourist. This temple is a very sacred place but you can still take a picture here. A scarf is a must ladies should wear with sleeves or if you’re wearing a sleeveless one you can borrow sarong from them.

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

2. Oneeighty at The Edge Bali, Pecatu

The view at the edge pool was so nice. You can swim in the infinity pool which overlooks a cliff into the ocean. The ambiance, the food, the view, the bottom glass pool is superb. A world class beauty!

3. Bukit Belong, Kelungkung

This is it. One the beautiful view that you can see in Bali. It’s located in Klungkung about 1hr driving from Ubud. The best time to go here is in the evening around 4-5pm so it’s not too hot. I recommended this place to young people. Because the steps to get to the hill is quite dangerous. There was only two of us as a tourist and some locals. The security over there said that the place is quite crowded on Sunday.

4. Tukad Cepung Waterfall – Tembuku

Very Artistic place to get a nice photo of the waterfall! This waterfall is inside a cave and usually if you come around 10.00 to 13.00 PM you can get a nice photo with a Sunday entering the cave which makes it beautiful. Come early as it’s very crowded during peak hours and it’s really hard to get a perfect landscape photo when there’s a lot of tourists.

5. Mount Batur Sunrise – Kintamani

Hiking to see the sunrise is the best thing you can do in Bali. The view is amazing. The moment when you see the sunrise when Mount Agung shows its shape, the colors. Breathtaking.
Plus when you are going down to visit the monkeys 🙂

Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri via Unsplash

6. Handara Golf Gate – The Most Iconic Gate in Bali

If you come to Handara Golf, before entering the complex, prepare your camera and don’t forget to capture the most iconic gate in Handara Golf 🙂

Photo by Mahosadha via Unsplash

7. Tegalalang Rice Field – Ubud

Everybody knows it, a beautiful rice terrace in Bali. It crowded by tourist all around the year, but it’s worth to complete your Instagram feed.

Photo by Joel Vodell via Unsplash

8. Angel Billabong – Nusa Penida

This place is a must while on a trip to Bali. It’s a natural pool, with crystal clear water through which you can see in numerous shades of the green and blue bottom. A most picturesque spot for Instagram photos or even a wedding takes. But be very very careful about going down to the infinity pool. Too many deaths occurred. Listen to your tour guide. Although it’s not always open to going down into the pool, still you can have a lifetime view at such a beautiful place.

Photo by David Billings via Unsplash

9. Marigold (Gemitir) Garden Bali

What’s a beautiful taking a picture around the flower!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin via Unsplash

10. Wanagiri Hidden Hills

Wanagiri is located Northern Of Bali is not far from Munduk village and around this place you can see twin lake buyan and Tamblingan lake, this area also has beautiful waterfalls Banyumala. Entrance Ticket rp100000/person. Just a small place they built for photo taking with an amazing view. Great place to make a memory for a honeymoon in Bali!

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

11. Kelingking Beach – Nusa Penida

This place is surreal and truly heaven. The T Rex shaped cliff and clear blue water with a hundred shades of blue. Perfect for picture and enjoy the nature and sea around.. To reach the beach one needs to climb down the cliff, a little hard, but doable. Takes more than an hour or two. If you have time, don’t miss going down the beach. You won’t regret this.

Photo by Shashank Acharya via Unspalsh

9 Best Sunset in Bali

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Nusa Penida is the best-kept secret in Bali. The island is the biggest of the three Nusa Island, just off from mainland Bali. Even though, still the infrastructure isn’t as developed, but, its very much worth to get an amazing trip here. This huge island only has 14 villages, and there is so many things to do and so many place to visit. Not only beach, Nusa Penida has large collection unique Hindu temple and picturesque natural features of cliff formation and lagoons. Lately, the islands best known as the new sanctuary of successful captive breeding program of the bird.

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