Sanur is one of the most visited places for local or foreign tourists. But many of them do not know what they should do when they are in Sanur, Mostly they only go to the beach but there are other interesting things to do in this friendly village. 

Sanur Beach

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Sanur beach is very crowded every day by tourists because Sanur beach is used to be a port for the speedboat to go to Nusa Lembongan or Nusa Penida. The best time to go to this beach if you want to avoid the crowd is in the morning because the sunrise is beautiful. You can also do morning jogging in the morning before the crowd hit. The best thing to do in Sanur is to enjoy the scenery while having lunch in a good restaurant around the beach.

Admire Blanjong Inscription

Blanjong inscription also known as Sanur pillar. Admire the Blanjong inscription or Blanjong pillar is famous for discovering the oldest historical artifact in Bali. That pillar always makes people confused because it is an enigmatic attraction and it is in ancient Sanskrit and Balinese language that has not been translated.

Visit Le Mayeur Museum

This small museum in North Sanur hides beautiful art and personal history of painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, a Brussels-born artist who fell in love with Bali and the shores of Sanur. Le Mayeur Museum is located in the main of Sanur beach behind the array of art and souvenir stalls. This museum was actually the house of Adrien and his wife, his wife was a Balinese dancer named Ni Wayan Polok Tjeoglik. After Adrien passed away this house was transformed into a museum.

Enjoy Walking in Sanur Promenade

Sanur beach has a special spot that you can walk along to the edge of the sea and it is an ideal spot to go for an afternoon walk. Sanur beach is a famous beach for the family because it’s easy for the children to swim there contrary to Kuta, because at Sanur there are no big waves. Besides walking, Sanur is the best place for cycling enjoy the wind and the beautiful sky during sunset. 

 Visit Turtle Conservation and Education Centre

Not only or refreshing, but Bali also serves a place to learn too. Here in the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre, you can get the opportunity to learn about lives, rescue, and rehabilitation of turtles. There is no entrance fee here, but there is an opportunity to donate for the conservation. This place is located in Serangan. A good place for kids to learn about life, Try it!

 Sindu Night Market

Sindu Night market is famous for its street food. If you come to this place you will found a busy market with great local food at a cheap price. There are so many choices with so many warungs. You can buy what you like and what you want. But don’t expect that you will find a lux dinner, here you only can found very nice casual meals and its very cheap. You should try!

 Swimming with Bali Sharks

Swimming with sharks will give you an incredible experience. This place is also known as Serangan Shark Island Project. This project has close collaboration with the Nelayan Serangan (Serangan fisherman’s group). This place is a good place for kids to learn and to discover animals life and give the kids proof that sharks are not like most sharks in Hollywood movies 🙂

Grab Famous Gelato in Sanur : Massimo

Gelato Massimo is a famous gelato in Sanur, located in Jalan Danau Tamblingan. Here you can choose your favorite gelato and you can mix it. But sometimes you should be patient because often you have to queue to buy this ice cream that everybody wants. 

Bali Orchid Garden

This place is perfect for you who love flowers especially Orchids. Bali orchid garden is a beautiful enchanting garden with beautiful flowers. This garden is very neat and clean, and worth to visit 🙂

Breakfast or Lunch at Cafe Kesuma

Cafe Kesuma is located towards the south of Sanur right of the Mercure Hotel. Enjoy eating seafood while admiring the beach. The price is reasonable with their good food. The ambiance is perfect and very friendly. You will not be disappointed!

Trying Kite Surfing

Image by Steven Bol from Pixabay

Sanur beach has no strong waves, so you can’t do surfing here, but it has another, yes the wind is very strong! so it’s perfect to do kite surfing. Kitesurfing courses are held at our Sanur club throughout the year, and when the wet season months of November to February. So prepare your journey!

Shopping at Hardy’s Supermarket

Traveling without shopping is not perfect. Hardy’s will complete your day while you traveling around Sanur. Here you can get clothes, souvenir, food, and drink at a cheap price. 

Spooky Experience at Taman festival 

 Taman Festival is an abandoned amusement park located in Padanggalak Beach, north of Sanur. The park closed after short opening in 1997 due to internal difficulties. Taman festival also called Bali ghost town, this is a favorite place for a photographer to get the desolate setting. Besides that this place hides so many arts, you should try to discover it!

Sunday Market

This market only held once a month in the last Sunday. This is not a big market, only a small market near Mercure hotel but you can buy souvenirs, there are free kids activities, good food, etc great place to chill out. It is opened from 10 am until 6 pm. 

Peek a Boo; Kids Holiday Spot

If you are traveling with kids this place is very perfect for them. If your kids need entertainment we recommend this place!

Enjoy Cycling in Sanur Beach

Before enjoying the sunset at Sanur beach the best things to do is cycling. Or you want to enjoy the morning with cycling, that’s perfect too! So many rent bike near Sanur, you should try!

Big Garden Corner Sanur

A good place to relax and spend a couple of hours just relaxing. Big garden corner features with a variety of green spaces and decorated pathways but it has also a small waterpark and outdoor games so it’s perfect for the families. Here you can collect amazing photos cause so many places are incredible.  Do you need a place for relaxing? here is the perfect place 🙂

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