Bali is full of hidden gems, one of them is the Banyan tree. During your vacation in Bali, you may see this tree from the small one until the giant one. The banyan tree is considered sacred by the Balinese if its root touches the ground.

In Bali, the Banyan tree is known as the king of the tree, because it is a symbol of unity, power, and eternal life. Besides that, The Banyan tree also represents the eternal cycle of death and rebirth.
Balinese Hindu said that the Banyan tree inhabited by Gods and spirits of deceased ancestors, which is why the trees emit vast spiritual energy

Bunut Bolong – one of a big Banyan tree in Bali

There is a story that The God Krishna turned himself into a tiny and wrapped up in the leaf of Banyan Tree and rested, after that, he said, “Of all trees, I am the banyan tree.”

In north Bali, Gesing Village, there is a giant Banyan tree, it is 700 years old with 68 meters tall and 70 meters in diameter. Due to the giant size, people could easily through the tree following the trunks maze.

Also, there is an interesting story that covered this tree, long-ago during the Dutch occupancy in the 1940s, locals used this tree to hide from Dutch troops. Something magically happened, the tree turned them invisible so the troops cant found them. Amazing!

Another legend said that the spirit whos living in this tree could grant our wishes if we pray to them.

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