Recently some of the Balinese most avid kite enthusiasts swarm across the island to fly their beautifully adorned kite. If you in Bali now you can see hundred kite flies in Bali’s sky, from little one until the wide one. Every child in the village plays their kites on ricefield fly just to kill their boredom during the school holiday caused by this pandemic.

There are a lot of people wondering when Indonesia will let the tourist visiting this country.

Unfortunately, the Indonesian government still suspended all Visas On Arrival until further notice. No date has been set to lift temporary travel restrictions that prevent tourists from visiting Bali. Only those with official long-stay visas (e.g KITAS & KITAP) granted from overseas embassies will be allowed entry, and all arrivals must present health certificates from relevant authorities and a negative PCR test.

The latest news said that the Governor of Bali considered reopening for local tourist in July and for international in September.

During this hard time, tourist attraction in Kuta and Ubud closed. Hotel, club, the restaurant decided to closed because there is no tourist.

Bali’s respond to new normal protocols

It has been 3 months after the first case of COVID in Indonesia, there are a lot of events that have been canceled to stop the outbreak. Even the important ceremony such an Ogoh ogoh which always be celebrated on Nyepi eve was canceled. Furthermore, this year Nyepi day (silence day) has been held in two days. Many tourists should fly back to their home, many plans to visit Bali has been postponed, and no one knows until when.

But recently, the Indonesian government announced a ‘new normal’ protocol that finally catches a glimpse of hope as things start to get back to normal in Indonesia, especially on the island of gods – Bali. Mall, restaurant considering to re-open by implementing the health protocols. For example, the mall operating with a new operational hour from 11.00 to 20.00 every day.

People also start doing their routines like before but still with the protocol that the government suggested, wearing masks and social distancing. Even some mall already reopen but not all shop inside the mall is open, and Balinese still reconsidering to go out from home without an important thing to do

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