We all know that majority of Balinese work in the tourism sector. Some working on hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, or travel agencies. During this disease, the government not allowed the tourists for visiting Bali, that’s mean everything has stopped and caused trouble for the tourism sector. A lot of restaurant and hotel hibernate. Beach and tourist attraction has been closed, every plan for visiting Bali this year is postponed, even some of the tourists canceled it.
The government tries to stop this pandemic with asked the people to stay at home, and it has meant a lot of people don’t work, so how the Balinese face this crisis?

Back to nature

Balinese is a survivor. A long-ago before Bali famous to the world like today, the Balinese worked in their field.

In these very difficult economic times, many Balinese people back to nature to find something to eat there. Bali’s forests having many resources it is easy to find food there, including a whole bunch of leaves that we use as vegetables. As normal, the Balinese living near the forests go there daily to pick vegetables and fruits. The rice fields provide us with snails and eels, the rivers and the sea full of fish With the current economic crisis, more people are doing their vegetable gardening in order to save money, it must be said that under normal circumstances anyway the meat is not really the star of our rice plates which are more garnished with vegetables, egg, tofu, temple but each money saved is good to take

The latest information from the government, Bali considering will open for local tourists in July and for international tourists in September. Until that time, please stay healthy, do not forget to wear a mask, and wash your hand often. Keep social distancing, hope this situation can be normal as soon as possible.

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