How to rent a motorbike in Bali?

First of all you will find that the traffic in Bali is a bit like an anthill. We drive on the left, the scooters are really everywhere, some do not bother to put the flashing to turn. There is a  traffic sign in the road … but it must be believed that few people know or apply it. You will also see people without helmets while it is mandatory, children under 10 years to drive a scooter or to see whole families (4/5 members with sometimes even a baby) on a scooter.

The easiest ways to discover this beautiful island is riding motorbike. In Indonesia riding motorbike is the best way to avoid the traffic jams. Rent motorbike is quite cheap and relatively safe.

But, we reveals all you need to know before renting a scooter.


BEFORE GO TO BALI : Get your international  driving license

Forget about riding around the island without your driving license. Eventually you will get stopped by the police. This will end up in a costly fine and a trip to the local police station. Be prepared to pay these guys if they ask for a payment. It saves a lot of hassle and wasted time. And also if you have a scooter accident in Bali if you don’t have your international driving license at this time your assurance won’t cover your fees for this accident so think very carefully ! And you also need to hold a current motor bike license from your country.

Where I can rent it?

Don’t worry many offer automatic scooter rentals in Bali, or you see the signs “Motorbike for rent” you are in the right place for that, or you can searching via Google, some of them can pick you up in airport.



You will probably negotiate, know that the normal price for a rental of a scooter is usually between 30.000 – 50,000 rp it can go up to 150.000 rp per day (The price is depends the type of motorbike you choose). This normally includes insurance (with $ 100 deductible that covers only the scooter) and helmet (required)

Where I can find the gasoline ?

There is only one petrol station company, Pertamina. The price of petrol is 8.150 rp. Or, if you are in a corner where there are no gas stations, do not panic, at the roadside you will find ‘warungs’ or little shop that will offer you gasoline in old bottles of mineral water or old bottles of alcohol.



  1. Put on your helmet in the right way
  2. Leave your scooter headlights on during the day to be better seen by the cars on the road.
  3. Make sure the horn is working on your bike. You will need it as everyone honks, beeps and hoots in this place. Overtaking requires that you sound your horn.
  4. Try to avoid driving too much at night as in some areas there are no street lights and the roads can have some big pot holes. If it’s doing the rainy season and you’re driving at night take care.
  5. Avoid hitting any stray dogs wondering on the street.
  6. Driving after you have had a few drinks seems to be quite common place in Bali. But, again if you are silly enough to do this, you are more than likely going to end up in an accident. They do not have drink driving in Bali and the police won’t care how much you have drunk but for your safety just don’t risk it. Taxis are plentiful and cheap enough so go that option.
  7. If you have a surfboard, ask for surf bike racks on the side of the bike. This is a great way to check out all the main surf breaks around Bali. You will see heaps of surfers getting around this way.
  8. It’s better to put on long pants and closed shoes when driving a scooter because if there is an accident it avoids big injuries
  9. Renting a scooter here can be a very nice experience that we only recommend to people who really feel able to drive in the “jungle” that is the Indonesian traffic because we really do not want your holiday are wasted because of an accident etc.
  10. Last advice :  if you are looking for a nice discovery of Bali by motorbike in beaten track, Bali Lost Adventure offers a ride in the Balinese most scenic countryside of the island and their culture. Visit by motorcycle with us a magical temple and a hidden waterfall ! Travelling the road will tell you more about the road than your GPS. Go across Bali’s surroundings with a different approach!
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