According to legend, Bali and Java were one island before. It starts with a Brahmin story called Sidi Mantra. He is very powerful and very rich. Also, he has a beautiful wife. After a couple of years of marriage, he and his wife got a son named Manik Angkara.

Manik Angkara is a very handsome and clever young man. But, unfortunately, he likes to gamble. If he doesn’t have any money anymore, he usually using his parent’s asset, and sometimes he also owed. Until one day he puts entire his parent’s wealth to gamble and lost everything.

Looking at the difficulties faced by his son, Sidi Mantra trying to get a solution with fasted and prayed every day. And one day he heard some voice to find Besukih Dragon who guarded a lot of treasure in Mount Agung. The voice tells Sidi Mantra to ask the dragon to give some treasure.

After heard the voice, Sidi Mantra went to Mount Agung. He overcomes every obstacle. Finally, he arrived at Mount Agung, he sat cross-legged. He trying called thename of the dragon with rang the bell and cast a spell. Not long from that, the dragon showed up, and know the intention of Sidi mantra. From the body of Besukih dragon came out gold and diamond. After saying thank you, Sidi mantra came home and gave it all to Manik Angkara with the hope he will pay his owed and never gamble anymore. But, Sidi Mantra’s wish never come true, the treasure was gambled very quickly, after it finished, Manik Angkara asked his father for more help, but Sidi Mantra refused it.

Manik Angkara can’t stay still. After his parents refused to help him. He wonders from where his father found so many gold and diamond before. After he knew that his father found it from Dragon Besukih in Mount Agung, he tries to learn the spell on how to call the dragon and he brought the bell was stolen when his father slept. He went to Mount Agung to find Dragon Besukih by himself.

He arrived at the Mount Agung, he tries what he learn before and rang the bell that he was stolen from his father. Manik Angkara very surprised and very scared when he saw the dragon. But, the dragon gives what Manik Angkara wants by seeing his intention and the dragon said ‘I will give you the gold and the diamond but promise me to change your behavior, don’t gamble anymore, and remember about karma!’

Manik Angkara was very amazed when he saw the gold and diamond came out from the scales of the dragon. He never felt enough for it. He wants more and more. After the dragon rotated to return to the nest, Manik Angkara cut the tail of the dragon, and immediately escape from the dragon. The dragon was angry, he traces Manik Angkara and he burned into ashes.

Knowing that the son was dead, Sidi Mantra begged the dragon to live again. Besukih dragon granted it if Sidi Mantra restore the tail as before, and Sidi Mantra restore it. After the tail back to normal, the dragon make Manik Angkara live again. Manik Angkara apologies and promises will never do it again, but Sidi Mantra not easily to forgive him.

Sidi Mantra decided to live separately with his son. In the one blink of eye he vanished, in the place he stood before appear a source of water that grew increasingly large become a sea. And separate Manik angkara from him. With his supernatural he formed little island, and its Bali

That’s it the legend of the formation Bali island

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