Saraswati is the one of Hindu Gods represented as a beautiful woman that has knowledge like a river flow. She will give help or enlightenment to everyone who is willing to study. Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and arts. She has 4 arms, every arm symbolizing a different concept. Her immanence and transcendence, her front arm illustrated the Goddess activity in the material realm and the back arm is the spiritual realm. The four arms also represent the four elements of the inner life which include mind, intellect, ego, and consciousness.

Saraswati is illustrated as a very beautiful woman with four arms. holding (and playing) a zither, scriptures and rosary beads. It means that Saraswati is Goddess of arts too, that reminds us to live in harmony with the others and the world.  Saraswati has 2 holy animals as her conveyance. The swan represents beauty and the ability of knowledge to filter good and bad habits. The peacock represents beauty and dance,  along with the swan it becomes a vehicle to deliver the knowledge given by God. The last thing, Sarasawati sit on a big white lotus that represents purity and knowledge, it symbolizes to remain untouched by bad or negative influences which may surround an individual.

What is happening in Bali that day?


An important day for students who go to school in a traditional outfit to pray to thank for the knowledge received and ask for success in their studies. Those working in administration pray at work while others do it at home. The books are blessed that day.

PHILOSOPHY OF THIS SPECIAL DAY: Knowledge is the most important and valuable thing for humanity.

PROHIBITION TO READ that day: because all books are objects of prayer. That day only the evening only we can read religious books at home or at the temple.


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It’s Banyu Pinaruh. The Balinese must purify themselves by going to the river, a spring or the sea. We pray that Saraswati will grant us intelligence and forgiveness. Good health is the second most important thing for humanity.


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It’s Soma Riba. We put offerings next to the place we stock our rice and we thank for the food that we got in our life. It’s to remind us that we have to be careful about our nutrition in order to be healthy. Food is the 3rd most important thing for humanity.


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it’s Sabuh Mas. We put offerings where we keep our jewelry and money. We thank for our material goods. This day is to remember that we must make the right choices when spending. The material goods are the 4th most important thing for humanity.


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It’s Pagerwesi. We pray to ask to be protected from negative elements. We must surround ourselves with strong fortifications against the evil forces.

Philosophy of Pagerwesi

We must keep knowledge, health, food, material goods in our lives to maintain harmony and pay more attention to the power of knowledge

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