When you traveling in Bali or another island in Indonesia, you may be caught up with many children use uniform red white, or blue-white, or grey-white, yups they are Indonesian student.

Anyway, School in Indonesia is divided into several levels. Started with Kindergarten or Indonesian called TK (Taman Kanak-kanak). After children reach 7 years old they can enter Primary School or Indonesian called is SD (Sekolah Dasar), and it is 6 years long of education because there is grade 1-6. Primary School uses red white uniform.

Image by Nico_Boersen from Pixabay

Yes!! School in Indonesia required uniform at school. 

After primary school there is 2 middle school, the first one is junior high school Indonesian called it SMP and it took 3 years long and use blue-white uniform. and after SMP there is Senior high school (SMA), it also took 3 years and use white-grey uniform. 

SMA (Senior High School in Indonesia)

 Unique Fact About School in Indonesia

Indonesians are required to attend nine years of school. It started at 1-6 years of primary school and 3 years of Junior high school. This is actually already very lagging compared to other countries that require the population to complete their studies until Bachelor Degree.

Uniform is a must. The uniform has been scheduled from the school. Monday and Tuesday they use the red white for primary school, blue-white for junior high school, and grey-white for senior high school. Wednesday and Thursday they use their own school uniform identity, and for Friday and Saturday, they use Scout uniform. The uniform is aimed to manage the students so they can tidy up their self well.

example school identity uniform Photo by Yannis A on Unsplash


Scout Uniform – Image by Aditio Tantra Danang Wisnu Wardhana from Pixabay

‘Science major is good and Social and Language major not really good’ – Senior High School. At senior high school level, there is 3 major that student should choose one when the student reaches grade 2. They are Science, Social, and Language. The funny thing is student, parent, and teacher believe that student must enter science class because of science class identically with the clever student, diligent, and having brighter future, meanwhile social or language class are classified as the pretty easy going, no serious student, not really smart, just like the opposite of science class. but actually it just a myth. 

Monday is Flag Ceremony day. In Indonesian schools, from elementary to senior high, a national flag ceremony is held every Monday morning.  It was meant to respect the deeds of national patriots who make Indonesia an independent country.

In Bali, Thursday is traditional day. Every thursday is obligatoir for student to use traditional costume. this is new rules for the governement to perseve the culture and introduce it to the tourist.