Bali is a rich island with its culture. Now we will talk about the traditional music of Bali. Same with his neighbor, Java island Bali use Gamelan too as his traditional instrument music. Gamelan is a traditional music ensemble of Java and Bali, typically including many bronze percussion instruments. The word Gamelan comes from Javanese word that has means ‘to strike with a mallet’.

Gambar oleh Nicolaus Erwin dari Pixabay

Balinese Gamelan is familiar with Javanese Gamelan. But it is very different. One of the big characteristics of Balinese Gamelan is there is a lot of sudden changes in tempo and dynamic. Besides that, the music of Gamelan Bali is quite complex and vibrant, whereas Javanese Gameland tends to be quieter and Solem. Here in Bali, the original purpose of playing Gamelan is to pray, to serve religious beliefs, accompanying wayang theatre or dances.

For Balinese Gamelan is the essential part of Balinese ceremony. We can say you couldn’t hold a ceremony without playing Gamelan. Balinese believe that the human ability to playing music instrument comes from Gods, so when people hold a ceremony Gamelan is a must, and the player must show gratitude when playing Gamelan.

Balinese also believe that some Gods love and prefer to music. For example, during the cremation ceremony playing Gamelan will make the deceased spirit entertained, help and guide them to their way to heaven.

Nowadays Balinese Gamelan has another important purpose, entertaining the tourist and introducing the culture for foreigners. You’ll found daily Gamelan play in hotels, airports or in the temple.

Ok, All in all, Gamelan is an important part of Bali’s culture that has a big cup to place your creativity through music. and also a new cultural experience for tourist and foreigners!

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