For a great Bali trip follow these simple customs and etiquette tips

The important thing you should know before travelling to Bali are its customs and etiquette. Bali is one of the most visited island in the world, every year more than 6 million tourists come to this beautiful island. We believe it makes you want to visit Bali too, isn’t ? Despite how popular Bali is the Balinese are polite and friendly people, most of them are hindus and surely have their standard of customs and etiquette.


  1. Dress as modestly as possible, Balinese local are quite conservative than the western. Never use swimming suit while walking around  the countryside, only use it when you are in pool or beach. when you are going to temple, dress politely, cover your legs is a must. Don’t forget to use sarong and sash while enter the temple, if you don’t have it, don’t  worry Sashes they are available in the temples .
  2. Hands on the hips, don’t ever do that. People will think that you are an arrogant person when you put your hands on your hips while you are talking. Besides that, it seen as scorn and aggression.
  3. Menstruate, you can’t enter the temple while you are menstruated, because it is considered impure in the religious sense.
  4. Don’t touch people head, it’s also for the child, we know they are cute but don’t ever touch their head, because head is considered to be the most sacred part of the human’s body.
  5. Walk on offerings, try to avoid walking in the ceremonial offering in the street especially when the incense is still burning because it will stop the prayer process and purpose of the offering. So watch your steps in Bali.
  6. Right hand is better, try to use your right hand often than your left hand, especially when you give, take or eat. Left hand is considered impure.
  7. Showing affection, it is not usual in Bali or in Indonesia. You can hold each other hands, it is okay, wrapping your hand around waist or shoulder is okay, peck on cheek is OK, but never kissing in public.
  8. Don’t lose your temper, being confrontational is offensive, and losing one’s temper is simply shameful. Balinese learn to control their emotions and is a sign of maturity for them.
  9. Balinese love to talk, Balinese are friendly people, if you get lost you can ask them, if they don’t know, they will still try to help you no matter what.
  10. Do not point with your index finger, it is not polite.
  11. Take off your shoes or slipper while you enter a Balinese house, this is a tradition.
  12. Taking picture while there is ceremony, you can’t higher than the priest.


These are a few rules you should know and follow if you spend your holidays in Bali. Knowing the customs and etiquette will make it easierf or you to explore this amazing island.


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