There will no endless if we talk about how beautiful Bali. But do you want talk about the Best Sunset in Bali??

Everyone know that Bali has so many beautiful beach and to explore, but not everybody know which beach who has a beautiful sunset, which beach who will draw a best silhouette from your romantic photo, which place will make you absolutely stunning with it beautiful scenery??

Here we go, we help you to discover Bali at maximum.


The first place who labeled as the best sunset in Bali is Pura Tanah Lot. For the Balinese, Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most important and venerated sea temples. It hugely visited by a million tourist every year. It quite crowded sometime, but it so much worth it to see a amazing sunset there. The most beautiful sunset in Tanah Lot coming when the sea in low tide so you can step on the coral while watching the sun goes down, or you can enjoying the meal either in a restaurant which located on the edge of the cliff. When the sunset coming, the clouds seemed to turn black and the temple, which in daylight had been beautiful but not magnificent, suddenly became the definition of glorious.



You can’t skip this place if you searching a best sunset to admiring. This temple located in Pecatu Village on the edge of the cliff near the beach in southwest of Bali, so you can see the sunset freely without anything cover it. near it there is a small dry fores it called Alas Kekeran which dwelt by a lot of monkeys and other animal. and remember if dont want to get burn, dont coming before 3pm, because it will very hot according to where it located. the best time you can go and take a picture there is about 4pm.



This beach situated in north of Seminyak who has same coastline with Kuta beach. This beach draw by a white sandy that will massage your tired eyes after your long journey in Bali. Not only that, Petitenget beach has a special offers because it located in Seminyak, you will easier looking around and very accessible, while waiting the sun goes down you can swim, jogging or just sitting in the edge of the beach and it will stunning you with it beautiful sunset.



Echo beach Canggu will perfect for you, especially if you on trip with your soulmate, because when the sun goes down it create the romantic situation for every visitor. And also, this beachquite perfect for you ho love surfing, because it has a big wave and this beach quite famous as the best surfing point in Bali.



The south beach in Bali is the best beach in Bali. Tegal Wangi Beach is the one of them. It located near the Uluwatu location and it is a popular sunset cliff spot for tourists. There is like a small stairway leads down onto the beach. From the cliffs, the beach seems almost hidden to those on the cliffs above. Caves and boulders are waiting to be explored during low tide when the heavy swells pose no threat. This place is really popular because so many couple take their wedding photo there. Maybe it can be your consideration for your wedding photo? 🙂



If there is word ‘Jimbaran’ it will remember you about the fishing village, but not only a famous fishing village, Jimbaran has a beautiful sunset too. Jimbaran Bay, locally known as ‘Pantai Muaya’, is where seafood dining and sunsets combine perfectly with a great sea panorama. Jimbaran Bay one of Bali’s best places for memorable sunsets because it has a beautiful long golden sand beach that offers gorgeous views across the water. It’s the place to eat seafood, and is home to plenty of budget-friendly beach bars.



Lovina beach has a calmer waves with its black sand. Sunsets are quite the highlight here, with rather subdued nightlife after dusk. A rows of cafe and trendy restaurant will welcoming you at the side of the beach. Near the sand, a single towering dolphin statue stands as an official landmark. Besides of that Lovina Beach’s sunrises are as ‘gently exciting’ as its sunsets, and are when participants of dolphin watching tours board colorful traditional motorized jukung outriggers to catch a glimpse of the several different species in these waters.



Near Tanah Lot, Tabanan there is a unique beach that offers a charming sunset view. The beach posing the end of many small rivers and bordering with the overlay of verdant rice field in the southern side that composes a really interesting mix of color pampering your eyes to keep exploring every curve of soft and gray sandy beach. Did you noticed the heart shape of this rock on the beach kind of stunning isn’it ? The best thing you can do at this beach is watching the sun going down after a fantastic bicycle tour in Bali’s countryside with Bali Lost Adventure.



Nusa Lembongan a small island of Bali. To go this island you must buy a ticket of fast boat. It quite cheap because you will stunning with how beautifuul the scenery in Nusa Lembongan island. This island not really crowded like the main island, Bali, it quite calm. Nusa Lembongan will offer you with some lovely beaches and a relaxed vibe. A great spot to watch the sun go down is Mushroom Beach, a beautiful white sand beach, with crystal clear waters.


So, what are you waiting for?? Let’s discover Bali with us

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