While holidaying in Bali you may see an unique outfit of Balinese in temple or at some event. Women wear kebaya and men wear something in their head with white shirt and something like skirt, but that is the Balinese traditional outfits.

Balinese always using it when they go to the temple, or some traditional ceremony like marriage, Galungan, Kuningan etc.

Here we explain to you!



Kamen is a long cloth that is used to cover the legs, like a sarong. Its uses by wrapping around the waist from left to the right as a symbol of Dharma.  It has to be used until the ankle, it is intended that men must be able to take the long step because they have a greater responsibility than women. The end of the Kamen is pointed facing downward, as a symbol of masculinity and respect for the motherland

Saput/Saputan (shawl)

It is used to cover three-quarters of the Kamen, it is intended to cover the aura of masculinity


In order to make the bond between Kamen and Saput become stronger, it must be helped by a small scarf, called umpal. It has signification that we should control or protect ourselves from the bad and negative things. Umpal knot must be at the right of the waist, as a symbol of holding the truth.


When praying Balinese always use the white shirt to cover the body. It has signification that we must protect our purity. But when ‘ngaben’ ceremonies they use a black shirt, as a symbol of mourning. Use the shirt or ‘kwaca’ is intended to cover the ego and pride in human being


Udeng is like a hat, to cover the head. There are 3 Udeng, there are Udeng jejateran, that is used when going to the temple or when there is a social activity, Udeng Kepak Dara, used by the king, and udeng Beblathukan, used by preacher. Udeng has signification that whoever wears udeng must to have a right mind and obey God.



It almost the same with men, but Kamen for women are used by wrapping around the waist from right to the left. It has a signification that women should protect the man from deviating from Dharma.

Bulang / Stagen

Bulang or stagen is a shawl to bend the kamen. It symbolizes the womb, and it has signification to control the emotions.


Kebaya is a traditional blouse-dress for women. It must be neat and beautiful, it is intended to show gratitude to God. We use the white or yellow for ceremonies and other colors for events like wedding etc


Women do not wear Udeng, they must show their beautiful hair. There is 3 style of hair for women, they are Pusung Gonjer, half tied hair used by the women unmarried. Pusung tegel, bun hair for married women, and Pusung podgala, this hairstyle shaped like a butterfly with flower decoration. This hairstyle is used at the special ceremonies.

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