In Balinese Hindu’s life is about the ceremony, because religion is very much integrated into it. The Balinese Hindu said it is for balancing life. One of those ceremonies is a 3-month Balinese baby ceremony.

The 3-month baby ceremony is called ‘nyambutin’ and is the biggest ceremony for the newborn. It is quite expensive, parents should save their money to afford it. We know that in Bali, there is a lot of ceremonies, the non-Balinese person will wonder why the Balinese want to spend their money on a lot of ceremonies. But to the Balinese mind, it’s is very simple ‘you can’t bring your money when you die anyway’. Once again, Balinese Hindu’s life is all about religion and balancing nature.

This ceremony has 2 meanings, first of all, introduce and connect the baby to the sea and the second meaning is allowing the baby to touch the ground. Before a baby turns 105 days or 3 months, the Balinese baby can’t touch the ground because the Balinese believe that bad spirit lives on it and the baby before 3 months is still fragile and consider impure.

Back to the Ngaben ceremony for the died people whose body will burn into ashes and the ashes will be spread to the sea, this is the idea to introduce and connect the newborn to the sea. The Balinese believe in reincarnation, they see the newborn as the rebirth of their deceased relatives. Also, Balinese believe that before the baby turns 3 months, their Nyama Bujang (108 spirits) is taking care of the baby.

The other meaning of this ceremony is to make a farewell to 108 spirits and thanks to them for taking care and protecting the baby until the baby turns 3 months. The ceremony begins by bringing the baby to the sea and let the baby touch the water of the sea with a parent’s help, after that, the family will return their home and continue the ceremony.

At home, the ceremony will continue with doing some prayers and more offerings, that time all big family will gathering and the neighbors will come for a greeting. After that parents will let the baby grab the jewellry. 4 bracelets, one necklace and one ring from the bowl of water. the baby should wear them until they are too small for him. That jewellry itself is a symbol of protection.

The thing that couldn’t be left is Bali Guling (Suckling pig) of course, first of all, the Babi guling is the part of the offering to God when God straight eats it and after the ceremony is done, Balinese will share the offerings between family members so nothing is wasted.

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